Your Photographic Thought of the Day

Sometimes less is more. Recently I decided to kind of test myself with light. Not a pass/fail kind of test, more of “let’s play — but limit the toys.” So I decided that I’d work in the studio using only ONE color of light. I chose blue. White is the combination of all colors, so that would be cheating. With only blue lights, I began to see differently. This is NOT done in post. You don’t see the same in shooting live for blue when the light and photos you’re seeing are white. Would I have shot this if not intentionally limiting myself? Similar, maybe. This? Nope. The blue pushed me into a non-literal take on the model. More from what something “looks like” into more of a realm where the image reflects what something “feels like.” I prefer the latter. Hope you do too.

So what can YOU do? Simple: limit yourself. Go with only one color. Or one light. Or one lens. Or one flashlight. Or… you get it. Sometimes having EVERY tool you can imagine is (ironically) not freeing. It’s paralyzing. So, lighten up, set some parameters (even tight ones) and go out and play!

Erik Stenbakken


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