Blending Watercolor with Photorealism

In this lesson, we’ll partner Filter Forge with Photoshop to blend an authentic watercolor effect with a photo. If you’re unfamiliar with Filter Forge, it is the most versatile and exciting software that I’ve encountered in a long time. When it’s paired with Photoshop, there’s simply no limit to your creativity. Unlike other filter products that often meet just one need, such as black and white effects or sharpening, Filter Forge is multi-faceted. It features over 4000 creative photo effects and almost 4500 realistic textures. The number of effects and textures is growing by the day because Filter Forge filters are created not by 10 engineers in a lab, but by thousands of users from around the globe. Because there are so many contributors, Filter Forge is home to several of the most breathtaking and realistic effects that I’ve ever seen. Each of these effects can be applied directly to a photograph or can be combined with the source image in Photoshop to produce astonishing results.

Filter Forge frequently offers major discounts on the software, so buy when the discount is high, but know that you can always receive a special 40% discount by clicking here, then entering the discount code ud4Nswev0ySA during checkout. If you prefer to try before you buy, Filter Forge offers a free, fully functional 30-day trial.

This lesson is one of many included in my latest video tutorial series, Maximum Creativity with Filter Forge and Photoshop. The download is available for $24.95 and movie files are compatible with Macs, PCs, and iPads. To view the complete contents and to order, click here.

Watch Blending Watercolor with Photorealism

Mark S. Johnson

Photoshop luminary and author, Mark S. Johnson is one of the most passionate photography and Photoshop instructors you will ever encounter, and has been teaching at BDA for many years. Mark’s signature video tutorial series, The Photoshop Workbench, was viewed by half a million unique visitors last year. Visit for your weekly dose of Photoshop education and inspiration.  There is one spot left in Mark’s brand NEW Photoshop Impressionism class on Friday!


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